They are given moderately  in rich soil and a sunny location. They reach heights of 3 mt. Fresh leaves can be used all year round, as bay is evergreen. 

Safety information: No issues.

Part of plant used: Aromatic leaves.

Active  Ingredients: Essential oil, tannic acid, and bitters, giving bay antimicrobial and digestive-stimulating properties.

Culinary use: Bay is most widely used as a food flavoring for meat-based or vegetable stews, Bolognese sauce, fish dishes, soups, and also sometimes as a flavoring in milk puddings. The leaves release their essential oil particularly well if a dish is simmered slowly for a long time.

Medicinal use: Bay is not widely used as a remedy; However, a standard infusion of dried or fresh leaves is helpful for wind and indigestion, or for influenza as an antimicrobial. A herbal oil balm made with dried or fresh leaves can help muscular aches and bruises.