Very aromatic evergreen grass, 20 – 100 cm high, erect and smooth. Quadrangular stems, usually reddish. Opposite leaves, with serrated edge, 4.5 – 8.5 cm long and 0.8 – 2 cm wide. 

Part of the plant used:  Leaves

Active ingredients: Essential oils rich in menthols, as well as in bitters and tannins, which provide digestive-tonic, antispasmodic, analgesic, carminative and expectorant properties

Safety information: Use essential oil with caution on sensitive or allergy-prone skin

Culinary use: Fresh leaves as garnishes for desserts, punch or summer drinks

Medicinal use: The standard infusion of fresh or dried leaves relieves stomach pain due to indigestion or slow digestion. The menthol content is analgesic; and in aromatherapy is used for massages for poor circulation and abdominal tension