Quality and Service

Within the processes of continuous improvement, we have quality certifications of BPA-ICA (Good Agricultural Practices) and BPM Primus GFS (Good Manufacturing Practices) and a reliable logistics and operations system.


As part of the contribution of BioHerbs, the following programs were created:

Efficient use of energy

BioHerbs, reduces air pollution through the use of solar panels and wind turbines as an energy source.

Water Care

We are committed to water resources respecting ecological biodiversity. We avoid the contamination of water, through the Good Environmental Practices established by the company.

Live fences

Emphasized in the environmental assessment, live fences contribute as an important element of this type of agricultural landscape contributing to the conservation of the native avifauna.

Integral management of residues

BioHerbs guarantees the adequate management of agro chemicals in accordance to the current legislation. Moreover, we contribute to the reduction of solid and water pollution by ensuring an appropriate use of post–harvest organic waste.