An evergreen, highly aromatic shrub up to 60 cm tall with woody stems and  velvety aromatic gray-green leaves.

Part of plant used: Leaves

Active ingredients: Essential oils rich in thujone and other pungent aroma-chemical, also bitters, estrogenic compounds, phenolic acids, resin, and tannins, giving antiseptic, anti-fungal, antispasmodic, diuretic, and estrogen-balancing properties.

Safety information: The leaves are not to be used medicinally during pregnancy, though they can be used as food flavoring.

Culinary use: Sparingly with pork, lamb and other strong meats, also in cheese dishes; with apple sauce.

Medicinal use: A standard infusion of fresh/dried leaves helps colds, coughs, chest infections, and influenza. It can also stop excess sweating, which along with the estrogenic effect- makes it an excellent remedy during the menopause.