It is a single-seed berry pear-shaped, round or oval depending on the variety. Ripe, the fruit may exhibit an external color ranging from green to dark purple, smooth or wrinkled texture. The light green or yellow pulp is soft, with a slightly sweet flavor and a texture similar to that of butter.
​ One of the most famous dishes made with fruit is guacamole, a sauce made of pulp and seasoned with other ingredients. Other sauces are prepared with the pulp or added to salads, sandwiches and stuffed foods. It is even prepared as a dessert in smoothies, ice creams, smoothies and sorbets.
​ A common remedy in beauty treatments is to apply an avocado mask on the face to soften the skin. Well, the truth is that the pulp can be regenerated thanks to its vitamin B content, but also, the fruit oil is an ingredient of soaps, shampoos, facial creams and other cosmetic products. Strengthens the immune system.