Oregano It is a bushy perennial up to 2ft/60 cm tall, with highly aromatic oval leaves with pointed ends.

Part of the plant used:


Active ingredients:

Essential oil int he leaves with pungent camphoraceous aroma thanks to the thymol content, as well as tannins an bitters giving antispasmodic, stomach-tonic, astringent, expectorant, sedative, and carminative properties.

Safety information:

Do not use medicinally in pregnancy; food flavoring safe.

Culinary use:

Adds a strong flavor to pizzas and Italian recipes, as well as to green salad combinations.

Medicinal use:

Infusion of fresh leaves helps headaches, menstrual cramps, insomnia, and digestion of rich foods. The leaves added to the bath will help rheumatic pain and aching muscles; a herbal oil balm made with oregano and lavender will also ease pain and stiffness when massaged into the limbs. Hot compresses of a strong infusion will help clean and reduce swelling of cuts and wounds.